Here are some resources with information about mineral-breathing bacteria, beginning with Leptothrix discophora:

“Finding Beauty in Bacteria: Biofilms in the Vermilion River” in Living in the Vermilion River Watershed, page 20 (2008)

Have we found alien life? (2015)

Study in ‘Science’ finds missing piece of biogeochemical puzzle in aquifers (2014)

Fake Shewanella reveals how bacteria breathe iron (2013)

Microbes that ‘breathe iron’ are found in Antarctic (2009)

What’s the Red in the Water? What’s the Black on the Rocks? What’s the Oil on the Surface?: How to Collect and See the Microbial Community that Fixes Iron and Manganese in the Natural Environment (no date given)

Gallery: Pretty Poison in (2017)

Toxic Art by John Sabraw (no date given)